Beer consists of more than 90% water. While earlier the water quality had a major impact
on the beer style, with modern water treatment all regions can brew every type of beer.



 Malt determines the color, the body and the sweetness of the beer and forms the
alcohol content. After water malt is in terms of quantity the second most important ingredient.


Hop is a climbing plant with jagged leaves and green-yellow cones. It gives the
beer its bitterness. In the growing areas, it ranks up to seven-meter-high trestles.


Yeast is a single-celled organism. In 1879, Emil Christian Hansen, a collaborator of the
Carlsberg laboratory in Copenhagen, made an important contribution to research on yeasts
by isolating brewer's yeast from other yeasts. He thus managed to cultivate
a strain of pure brewer's yeast which was named Carlsberg No. 1.